Sometimes when faced with perfume fragrances, you are suddenly confused about which one to choose. All the scents are fragrant, but will it be suitable to wear later and not bored?

However, the right perfume is not merely perfume that smells according to taste. When adjusted for personality, the perfume will magically boost one’s confidence. That is why in ancient times many people used perfume.

So as not to choose the wrong, here’s a guide to buying perfume according to yourself:

1. Adjust to when you want to use the perfume.

Is it day or night? Generally, daytime perfume has a lighter and more energetic aroma, so you can choose fruit perfumes. Whereas at night, choose the scented musk, wood or vanilla. You might try to use mary kay journey eau de parfum, since it has various scents option. 

2. Customize also with your music tastes.

For those of you who like jazz and soft music, the aroma of musk or vanilla is far more out of your personality.

3. Budgeting

Besides, choosing perfume must also be adjusted to the budget you have. It’s not funny if you just buy perfume and, in the end, other needs are not fulfilled. For instance, if you want to get the cheaper price you might wanto to try mary kay journey perfume for sale.

4. Adjust your body temperature in general.

Those who are usually low body temperature, suitable to wear a perfume made from vanilla or musk or wood. While the body temperature is high, it’s better to choose the fruity or floral.

5. Make sure you always do the test

Make sure you always do the test by spraying perfume on the arteries of the hands. In addition to checking the scent, you can also know whether it is suitable and does not irritate your skin.

All you need to remember, when perfume sticks to the skin the scent will not be the same for everyone. All are affected by body temperature, diet, weather, and basic body odors. For that, don’t be surprised if the aroma is a bit different even though the same perfume brand.

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