Washing your face is very important, but most women forget even lazy to do it. After the activity, of course, many bacteria and dirt dust that sticks to the surface of your skin or even remnants of makeup that contains chemicals. Washing your face seems to have become a normal routine for everyone. In addition to cleaning all the dirt on your face after waking up, washing your face in the morning will also make you fresher. Many women choose to wash their face with a facial wash or other types of soap. However, those who choose to wash their face only with water. It turns out that washing your face saves many benefits

Here are the benefits of washing your face that you should know about.

1. Shrink pores

Dust and dirt that clog pores make the pores wider when you sleep. So that when you wash your face using proper kit such as  aveeno clear complexion cleanserand the dirt that clogs the pores disappears, the dilated pores will shrink again.

2. Helps skin breathe

Dirt and dust that clog pores make the skin difficulty breathing. By washing your face after activity, the pores will be clean and breathe smoothly. And don’t forget to apply the mosturizer to keep your face smooth and hydrate. For this you might want to try aveeno clear complexion moisturizer.

3. Maximizing skin regeneration

Washing your face also helps regenerate dead skin on the face. Skin regeneration usually takes place at night when you sleep. With a clean face at night, it will help the process of regenerating your facial skin.

4. Reducing acne

The cause of acne is generally due to dirt and bacteria that stick to the skin of the face. Diligent cleaning of the face by washing your face helps bacteria and dirt that can stick up before forming new zits.

5. Eliminating poisons

Air pollution that we cannot avoid in our daily lives, and also the food we consume without knowing it contains substances that are toxic in our bodies. The toxins hide in the skin and are not easy to remove.

By washing your face before going to bed, it is recommended to use warm water, can open pores and produce sweat. Sweat-sweat that will bring toxins out of the body.

Caring for facial health by routinely cleaning it is one way for your face to always look fresh and avoid bad effects.

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