Monday, June 10, 2019

Think more

It's way past midnight and after spending a few hours doing my neurology I need to write down my thoughts and relax a bit.

Sensitivity. It's something in my opinion every human being has. Saying someone is more sensitive than the other is a questionable state, and I feel like it creates some type of separation, & from my personal experience I can say that being called so sensitive can be a bit tricky, even tho it's true, but because you're sensitive you accept & filter things differently & it would be nice to get a little compassion & empathy from others. I am not saying that because someone is sensitive you have to lie to them and not tell the truth, I am just asking for empathy. I am asking for you to consider their feelings and try not to hurt them. Those who are sensitive can get easily hurt, and it's not a sign of weakness, please don't be fulled with the idea of it, instead it's a sign of being human.

Please, please, please take care of other humans, take care of your words, actions, think more before you speak and most importantly take care of yourself too. 

We are all human beings with our perfect and not so perfect sides, with our traumas and sensitivity, with our cute, little imperfections, and all the things that we are blessed with which make us human. Please let's take care of each other

Love, Annie Xx

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