Saturday, June 1, 2019

Message to the dreamer...

I believe everyone has dreams. Some of them do everything for their dreams. They do EVERYTHING, spend sleepless nights working hard, go through so many obstacles, but because they tend to be so determent, sooner or later they get their dream. They are called DREAMERS. They are "the dreamers" that we see, but are they the only ones? No. There are so many other dreamers out there too. 

Just because we don't see them, it doesn't make them less of a dreamer. Maybe it's the beginning of their journey and they are full of self doubt and don't have anyone who believes in them, who applauds their small victories and fails, does not make them less of a dreamer.

This is a message to you dear dreamer

     I know things have been hard, and you might have felt overwhelmed, maybe tired, exhausted or maybe even worse "you've stopped believing in your dreams?", but please trust me this is gonna end. Everything, good and bad ends at one point of our lives, but you have to never let those things break the hope inside you. You can never let them break you. You can never let them question your dreams. The sooner you will start working on your fairy tale, the sooner everything will change. The hardest step is the first one. The sooner you will take it, the better. And you will start to get filled. Doing what you love nourishes your soul. It lights you up and you start to bloom. Please take your time to bloom, okay? And lastly remember that you can't always have sunny days, but you can find the meaning of those rainy ones, and you can understand why they are neccesary for your growth. Bloom my beautiful, please BLOOM