Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 plans...

2019 is here already and just like every other new beginning it's quite exciting to start a new year. I've found a quote in pinterest saying "a lot can change in a year" and I hope this year will be full of changes and so many beautiful adventures. By saying that I'm no way going to sit there and let this year happen, instead I'm filled with so many ideas, plans I'm about to do this year. So here are some listed.

1. Every year I start off with the hope that I'll make my parents proud. Not just my parents, my family and my friends too, but most importantly my parents, yanno what I'm saying? I want to be kind and understanding, humble and hard working. I want to be someone they will be proud of, because they are the people who have my heart.

2. Make good grades. It is important to me to study well. To not let this world take away from my time and use it on pointless things, and study hard. Do my best, to be the best. Hopefully. To make progress and accomplish small dreams (study wise) each day.

3. Get enough sleep. Being a student, 20 year old girl, manage to have everything and still have a social life can be pretty tiring sometimes, and most of the times it affects my sleep. Especially during last couple of months. I feel how sick and tired I am getting day by day from not getting enough sleep so I'm all about fixing it this year.

4. Do more of what you love, and let go of what hurts. Another quote that I've found on pinterest. I hope this year I will do as the quote says. Doing what you love heals. It connects all the broken pieces of your soul together and creates a much stronger YOU. So please take this opportunity. I know that you need to do that too. And if you're already doing that I'm proud of you.


  1. Getting enough sleep when studying and having a social life can be hard. I hope you achieve all your goals lovely!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I know, that's a hard one. Fingers crossed I'll do better this year! Xx

  2. Such a wonderful blog post with so many great things!

    Danielle xx

  3. I need to improve my sleeping pattern. As I'm a morning person I love waking up early as I feel like I'm more productive and get more done. So I need to make an effort to wake up early and set an alarm everyday and thus sleep earlier.

    1. Good luck girlie! Having normal sleeping schedule is so important for your health and skin and just everything in general! Xx

  4. Letting go of things (and specially someone) that does noting but hurting me has also been a goal of mine! I took the very hard decision of cutting out someone I hold dear to me (I hold him dear, but it was a one-way relationship). It hurt a lot at first, I'll be very honest. I cried a lot, I was angry and sad.

    But afterwards, hope appeared. Because more importantly of letting him go....I was finally fighting for myself! For my goals, my aspirations.

    It's been a month. I'm not gonna lie, I still think about the ideal I had about him. But then I realise that it was just that: an ideal.

    I do wish that you can find happiness and feel okay Annie! I wish you all the light and positive energy for this new year!

    Wishing you all the best,

  5. I love reading this. I hope you'd get better life in this year. :)