Monday, December 31, 2018

Thank you 2018!

 Few hours to go and 2018 will be officially over and besides all the drama that happened during the last couple of months I would like to say it was a quite good year. I am going to share some of the highlights and beautiful moments that have happened witjh me during this year so let's jump in. 

1. Firstly I've started my blog. This summer I've finally sat down and spend a couple of days on creating my blog. Even though it has many little things that I'm still working on, I am very happy with all the pinks, the design and so many other details.

2. Turning 20. If you wanna know the truth I am not a huge fan of birthdays, no specifically my birthday, I really enjoy spending it with a small group of people aka my family and some of my friends, but yanno I'm not a huge, fancy parties type of girl. This year was so fun and I've recieved so many amazing gifts and my day was beautiful, so yeah, I'm quite thankful for that day too.

3. We've went to 2 family vacay's. One summer vacay and one during this time of the year is so perfect to me and spending time with my fanmily is one of my favorite things in this world.

4. Finished third year of medical school. It's a huge thing for me. Studying medicine is not an easy game to play, the hardest thing is to be able to manage your time, so you can have social life as well. This year was much better and I've done so much stuff and I'm so happy about it.

5. I've made so many friends online.  Lastly but equally importantly is making friends. I never thought that one day I would make friends with this platform, but it happened and I'm so so happy about it.

That's all that I can think of now. I am sure 2018 was much more that what I've said, but because I'm keeping my identity private it's a little challenging to share my highlights. I am so thankful for all the love and the support that I've got during this year. I'll try my best to not bring you down and create lovely pictures for you. I hope next year will be a year of DREAMS. Let's pray that everyone will get one step closer to their dreams. Let's pray that this year will be filled with laughter, motivation and everything beautiful. Please don't ever lose hope and use this new beginning for creating beautiful life.

All the love! Happy New Year 2019 my lovelies! 
Annie <3


  1. I turned 20 this year as well, ay! Well done for completing third year of medical school as well, thats amazing!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Hello,

    Amazing and happy new year !


  3. Oh medical school is so hard!

    I wish that 2019 give you all the things you and the positive energy you deserve! You are a kind soul!

    Wishing you all the best,