Sunday, December 16, 2018

Let's talk #2

For me nothing can beat an honest sit down chatty blog post. I love reading about people's mental health and about their feelings. There is something so addicitive about being honest and sharing something real and getting out of the flatlay/beauty life.

I understand that the things I'm going to talk about is not everyone's cup of tea and it's completely okay for you to skip this post and come back later for the upcoming pinky posts.

Now for the real talk. If you've been following me for a while you must have noticced that so many things have changed in my blogging/instagramming schedule. I talk about life a lot, sometimes complain too, I keep looking for quotes on pinterest for hours trying to find a perfect one that will describe my current situation. I don't want to label my "situation" as depression or anxiety, simply because I haven't seen a therapist and I don't think I know that much about these two so I'm just gona say that It's been a really toxic period for me.

I was so shocked because there were some days that I didn't even wanted to blog, or take a picture. When I'm saying that, it might sound like nothing to you, but it's everything to me. Blogging helps me. I feel like it's the missing piece of the puzzle that finishes the whole picture. It makes me feel good, I love doing it, I love trying out new products, capturing flowers and lipstick, picking random pink pieces because they will look good in flatlays. I love every single detail about blogging. And when one day for some reason you don't want to do it, it feels like people took the world from your hands. It felt horrible. I was so scared because it was one of the things that pushed me to some things I wouldn't normally do. I've kept wishing that this period will end and I will come back and my enthusiasm too, and I will continue doing what I was doing and fighting demons everyday. Don't get me wrong, I am such a strong woman and I'm so ready to face everything that this life throws at me as long as I'm in piece with myself. And blogging is one of the few things that helps me with that. And it hurts like hell when life touches at your weakest parts. But I have to understand that I need to be ready for that too. I have to be ready and I need to concentrate my latest bits of energy to protect it no matter what, because it helps me.

And just for the clearance, this whole thing is not about only blogging, it's about your DREAMS. For me it's about blogging as well, but please, please find the strength in yourself and don't let this life or it's bitterness break them. Protect your dreams at it's price. They are the things that bring the llight to our lives, so please take care of them.

Stay strong
Love, Annie Xx


  1. I really hope you're OK. I totally understand how you feel as blogging is exactly the same for me, a way for me to escape and talk about what I want whenever I'm feeling down xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. Thank you so much Gemma! You're always so kind and I really appreciate it! I am trying my hardest to get better! <3