Sunday, October 14, 2018

Makeup newbies & a little chat

Hi everyone! Long time no see, I know! :( Life's been super busy since the uni started, and I wish I had more time for blogging and stuff, but nah! My sleeping schedule has been a mess, and still is, but oh I need to stop, because this is not the very best way to start my post. 

Sorry for the first part, I just wanted to let you know a little bit about what's been going on.
 As I've just said life's been super busy, and only today I've realized that I haven't done any makeup shopping for ages. Which was a perfect reason for me to put my Autumnal clothes and to go out and do some shopping. It was very lovely because I've had a mini mid-day walk which was refreshing.

As you can tell from the picture I've got the prettiest looking mascara from Maybelline which is called Total Temptation. Hopefully it'll work as good as it looks like. The second thing that I've got is again from Maybelline & it's their concealer in the shade 01 light. If you're part of the beauty blogger community you already know that these two are super popular, and it looks like everyone is in love with them, that's why I decided to get them. Fingers crossed they'll work for me. Xx

What's your latest makeup purchase? <3


  1. Ooh welcome back to blogging! I hope life calms down a little for you soon xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  2. I hope you can find some good rest at last!

    My latest purchase was actually Urban Decay's Primer Potion, mostly because my current primer from NYX was ending and wasn't performing like I wanted to. So I decided to finally try out the cult favourite. I am yet to put it to test but I hope it leaves to my expectations! I am currently waiting for an order from Beauty Bay I did with a friend. I got myself a Makeup Revolution X Soph lipstick and one of their lip kits to try out.

    I am still saving some money from my birthday in order to get a few makeup bits from the Holiday season I really want to grab!

    I hope that everything is okay with you Annie!
    Wishing you all the best,

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart! Ohh! The Makeup Revolution X Soph collection looks gorgeous! And saving money for the Holiday season sounds a great idea! <3