Friday, July 20, 2018

Welcome to my blog! ♡

Hello everyone! I am beyond excited to start a proper blog and wanted to introduce myself a little before starting my beauty blog journey.

My name is Annie and I'm 20 years old. I am in love with pink and soon you'll see that pretty much all of my pictures have pink details in it, and all of them are flatlays (pretty much), I like to buy makeup and experience with it, I like flowers and to play with kids (chubby ones are my favorites), I can watch Disney movies all day, and still adore them.

 Enough about the things that I like, now I'll talk you through my blogging journey and whats the meaning behind my blog name.

When I was 15 and IG and blogging was new here, and there weren't as many beauty bloggers out there as there are now I discovered YouTube, I was obsessed and still am with some gorgeous, inspiring youtubers such as Zoella, Tanya Burr, Michelle Phan (she doesn't create videos anymore but I was obsessed with her channel)  and so many others. They've changed a lot of things about me, they've helped me to go through some tough times and still be kind, and helped me to discover so many amazing things about life. Then I discovered instagram's beauty community and started a blog called CANDYICIOUS, which was so succesfull, (at least I think it was) I even reached 10k+ followers which was a huge acchievement for me. Then some bad things have happened and I've decided to delete my blog and my instagram. (by the way did I mentioned that besides my instagram accound I've made a blog?)  After three years of being silent I decided to try again and try blogging, and created MYBEAUTYSILENCE. 

Soon it will be my one year anniversary, I've been instagramming for about a year now, and even the thought of it makes my heart beat faster. So yeah, that's the meaning behinf my blog name, and a little bit about myself. Hope you'll enjoy my upcoming posts. 

Lots of love, Annie Xx


  1. Congrats Annie.. I am sure your blog would be as pretty as your instagram is...all the very❤️