Sunday, July 22, 2018

My thoughts on Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick

It's really hard to do shopping without getting any makeup, right?
I'm so guilty of always spending my money on makeup and not actually buying what I've planned at first, but at the end of my shopping I always feel so excited and happy with my purchase and that's what matters. I bought this lipstick in one of those shopping trips, and was so happy to finally see it on the stand. If you follow me on instagram you know how much I love Borjouis products especially their Healthy Mix foundation, and I've had my hopes up on this beautiful lady.

It's in the shade 05 Brique-a-brac, it's a beautiful dark brownish red color with a little bit of a pink in it (sorry I'm not the best at describing colors, lol, so here is a swatch of it) it has beautiful velvet finish, but surprisingly it's very very mouisturising and not drying at all, applies very smoothly and looks good both ways when I fully apply it and when I blend it with my finger for a more sheer, everyday look. 

Such a beautiful color which will look amazing on Autumn/Winter time, it's one of those darkish everyday colors and I know for sure that I'll rock this beauty at that time of the year, but it doesn't mean that I'll not be using it in the summer time, it's so refreshing to sometimes switch things up, and go from summery light browns, pinks and peaches to something a little bit dark and warm like this.

Now for the packaging, as you can see it has a beautiful, instagrammable packaging (which for me is important), the lid is made of plastic (I guess?), oh and there is one thing I'm not happy about. It's so hard to open, the lid is so firm, and when I first opened it up I've injured the top of the lipstick, but after using it for a couple of times it looks better now, but you still can see a little bit of it left. So yeah, I wish Borjouis would fix that, but other than that it's such an amazing lipstick, they have some amazing color range, the lasting power is not as strong as liquid lipsticks but I'm pretty happy with it, I normally fix it once during the day after the dinner and that's fine, it looks beautiful for the rest of the day and it's pretty affordable, which is always nice for my bank account balance.

Overall I'm quite happy with this beauty, it looks beautiful, feels nice and I think I'll get some other shades to add to my collection.


  1. It looks such a nice quality lipstick.. i really love that beautiful color.. you are right orher than pinks, peach and nudes sometimes i too wanna go for bright warm colors...❤️

    1. I feel you girl, it's always nice to wear browns sometimes. <3